Rugged and reliable WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)

An architecture as a complete solution

If any element of our architecture is not necessary,
our solution could be integrated as a third party.

Rugged and Reliable Devices

ModpoW has a deep know-how of the wireless sensor networks technologies, especially in outdoor environments monitoring. Our devices are long-distance, with very low power consumption and secure transmissions in harsh weather conditions.

Advantages of our solution

Long Distance

More than 2km range under an open-field conditions.


All the communications are secured and no data loss.

Low Power Consumption

Battery life up to two years for standard applications.

We develope customized devices

Need a particular device? Please Contact Us. And we will fulfill your needs.

Some WSN currently being required

Valderejo Air Currents

The WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) was deployed over the Valderejo Valley (Spain) to monitor the air currents. Measurements: soil moisture, soil temperature, temperature (with two different sensors), humidity and pressure. The project is defined in the frame of Climadat projects, lead by IC3 in order to show the consequences of the climatic change.

IRTA-Masbadia Agricultural Laboratories

The WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) was applied over the IRTA-Masbadia agricultural investigation center. Measurements are mainly of the soil moisture on different depth levels. The project is defined in the Spanish program INNPACTO, promoting the technological excellence in the country and with the goal of validating a model for the water reduction during the cultivation.

Serrater Gala/Pink Lady

The WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) was deployed in one of the most important Spanish cultivation of Gala/Pink Lady apples: Cortal Gran de Serrater. The goal of this project is to reduce the use of water through the monitoring of the soil moisture on three levels.